ERMC technology arm is working in the following major technology and service delivery sectors:

  • Organising data warehouse,

  • Performing data manipulation and cleansing,

  • Data mining,

  • Customer application management,

  • Customer behaviour management,

  • Collection and payment delinquency management,

  • Decisioning and bureaux services,

  • Fraud and money laundering,

  • Audit of existing infrastructure, data warehouses and reporting capabilities,

  • Advice on regulatory reporting and conformance with the Basel Accord,

  • Assistance with planning and project management for closing identified gaps,

  • Hands-on work on achieving the above goals;

      The speed and quality of business workflow in 21 century is determined by the efficiency of the integrated technology. Many companies have been negatively affected by inefficient technology solutions. The usage of technology is equally important as the technology availability in a company. Business usually suffers from internal inadequate technology usage. The latter, consequently, leads to not utilize the power of the available systems in the company. Other common technology issues concern the age of the processors and their maintenance, and the number of redundant software packages and servers.

      During the years, working with many clients in the financial sector, EMRC team gathered great experience in business technology management. Our company provides an accurate assessment of used technology and its implementation, different technology improvement strategies and solutions, where the final aim is to achieve cost reduction and operation efficiency.