Fintech, MoneyConf in Madrid

      MoneyConf 2017 was placed in Madrid, Spain where EMRC had the pleasure to take part in. All participants possessed the opportunity to get closer to the most popular progress in Business, Finance, Banking, Commerce, Insurance, Wealth Management, Capital Markets, Money, Start-up, Fintech and Financial Technology at this significant meeting. This year around 1800 industry leaders and professionals have come together in Madrid for MoneyConf.

      The conference days were fulfilled with:

  • more than 100 speakers at Fintech Forefront – the people behind Fintech’s most disruptive companies on the MoneyConf stage;
  • 70 startups vying for future heavyweight titles which are expected to change the game in the future;
  • Over 100 investors, such as Propel Venture Partners, 500 startups, J.P. Morgan, General Atlantic and 83north, which took part in the Hours program, that matches the startups with investors for 15-minute, one-on-one meetings;
  • 130 International Media around;

      The MoneyConf stage gave the opportunity to hear innovators and decision makers at finance’s most influential companies and the founders of the exciting startups.

      Some of the conference highlights:

  • A digital identity for all;
  • Fintech and the city, more specific – London and fintech, and why fintech has flourished in London, which city may become the world’s next fintech hub;
  • Fintech future and where fintech will bring us in the coming years;
  • Bank charges, discussion was brought around the transparency in fintech, and how much can banks charge for service;
  • Finance and inclusion – discussion around how we can ensure innovation and inclusion go hand in hand in today’s world;
  • The possible forthcoming troubles in the next 12 months and what startups can do to ensure a healthy future;
  • Consumers desires – focusing on what they want from their bank and why access to international banking accounts need not only be for a small percentage of financially savvy people;

      More information you can find in the Money Conf brochure.