FICO DAY UK and Ireland June,13th

      ERMC was glad to take part in FICO DAY UK & IRELAND, which took place on June 13th in London and provided a network with fellow credit professionals across the UK and Ireland, as well as senior FICO experts. All participants had the opportunity to learn best practices and to hear case studies focused on superior customer management across the customer lifecycle.

     Effective customer lifecycle management supports powerful interaction that drives significant business growth and profitability. Nowadays, the exponential data growth and digitalization is important for any organization because it is used to engage the customer in a consistent, tailored and relevant dialogue.

      The conference presented how banks and other businesses are working with FICO using Analytics, Decision Management and Interaction Strategies to better understand customer needs, manage risk, and improve customer satisfaction and Net Promoter Scores. FICO’s thought leaders, experts in collections, customer management, and fraud, including Scott Zoldi our Chief Analytics Officer, presented the latest exciting developments in Cyber and Collections.

      More information about the conference agenda can be found here.