IFRS 9 conference organized by CEFPRO in London

     We are glad to announce that EMRC successfully participated in a conference with a focus on IFRS 9, organized by CEFPRO in London.

     The main aim of the conference was to provide all participants an overview of IFRS 9 in a business context. The agenda included several points such as conceptual problems, market view, and the importance of IFRS 9, the future regulatory treatment and IFRS 9 mitigants. 

    IFRS 9 is one of the several current challenges in the field of Risk and Capital Management. The conference discussed some of the bank issues which may arise from forward-looking provisioning idea from IFRS 9. Another point of the meeting was the profound consequences from IFRS 9 impairment requirements. 

    The market perception was given through the investors’ view on IFRS 9. Recently, market participants are trying to assess and quantify the IFRS 9 impact.

    Further concerns about the possible volatility introduced by IFRS 9 have been addressed and EBA recommendations for careful monitoring were pointed out.

    IFRS 9 will definitely impact the credit policy and credit portfolio management. This means that 2017 is an important year for IFRS 9 projects in terms of accurate delivery and for the industry to get prepared for the requirements. The complexity of IFRS 9 arises from the technical, policy and market challenges. All affected market participants have to focus on lobbying, awareness and mitigation solutions.

    Additional information about the conference you may find in the brochure IFRS 9.