Project: Customer Centric Management Programme


      Enterprise wide programme delivering strategic repositioning in the marketplace. To drive incremental revenue through customer centric planning, enhanced analytics and use of new technology. To drive cost reduction through decommissioning of mainframe systems and operational re-alignment.

Analytic Delivery

      Delivering Customer Valuation models, Customer segmentation, cross-sell propensity scoring. Established Contribution Value (CV) metric and a suite of KPI for performance management and control. Setting up a strategy for limits, conversion and management of value destroying customers.


      The programme contained a separate Data Warehousing and IT Infrastructure project. It consisted of retiring existing mainframe technology and replacement of core systems. It delivered an Oracle based Data Warehouse with Informatica PowerCenter ETL. The established analytic platform was SAS, although the pilot was conducted with the use of Quadstone. MIS reporting platform was delivered in Cognos.  For campaign execution the company adopted Chordiant (CMD).

The Toolbox

Strategic Planning and Analysis:

Competitive and functional strategy.

Change Management:

CAP, Workout.

Process Improvement:

Six Sigma, DMAIC, DMADV.

Programme Management:


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Project: Customer Centric Management Programme

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