Extracurricular classes for FEBA Econometrics major students and alumni

     The FEBA Alumni Club and the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration (FEBA), together with Exeter Risk Management Corporation (ERMC), launched the initiative for extracurricular classes for FEBA Econometrics major students and alumni in Applied Econometrics in Banking since October 2015.

      ERMC organizes and finances extracurricular training in Applied Econometrics in Banking. Our company provides lecturers from specialized business and leading UK and other globally recognized universities. The training is provided for students which are enrolled in the Master’s Program in Econometrics and Statistics, as well as for its alumni. All other students who are interested are also welcome. The extracurricular classes started these training sessions with two introductory sessions, which were led by Rossen Valchanov, one of the managing partners in the ERMC.


     The essential part of these training will be the master class in Financial Econometrics with Christina Atanasova, Associate Professor in Finance, Beedie School of Business, Simon Fraser University, which to be held within 5 days in May 2016.

     We are glad to present our picture gallery from the event and share our amazing experience: