Technology project: Audit


      Our technology audit is simply an evaluation of client’s technological capacity and procedures, and comparing them with the organization needs. Capacity assessment is essential part of the process, so that in the end, the newest and most appropriated technologies to be integrated in the company. We identifying the strong and weak parts through overall assessment and analysis of the client’s know-how, which lead to concrete proposals, so called the action plan.


      Each ERMC’s technology audit is always conducted in tight collaboration with the management and personnel of the company, in order to provide our clients specific action plan to follow.

      So far, each implementation of our action plans, had lead to technological improvement, acquisition of needed technologies and expertise. In our technology world, good action plan implementation is a good starting point for further company development. The critical points for successful action plan development and implementation are first, to be carried out by experienced consultants, and second, to be taken seriously by the management of the company.


      Technology audit done by us incorporates the several steps, the main are:

  • assessment of the available and purchased technology and whether it is adequate and geared towards modern 21st century (good examples: SAS, RTDM, Siebel);
  • whether the use of the technology utilise the power of the systems;
  • the status of the product processors and assessment of their maintenance;
  • discovering redundant software packages and servers;

      One of our latest projects involved re-assessment of the existing technology and elimination the redundant components. We recommended our client to drive utilization from the operational ones and either re-engineer or replace the non-functional ones. We pointed out that the decisions of keeping, upgrading, removing of any technology component, should be driven by business need and cost efficiency. At the end of the day, the benefits for our client were cost reduction from removing redundancies and operational efficiency, and ability to execute.